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Giampaolo Talani in Spoleto: his 'souls' will populate Piazza Duomo

Saturday 30 August at 6 p.m. in the Goldsmiths' Hall in Via Saffi, in front of the well-known steps of Piazza Duomo (Unesco site) in Spoleto, Giampaolo Talani's personal event will kick off. Chosen by Giammarco Puntelli, artistic director of the Spoleto International Art Fair, the Tuscan master agreed to participate in the important event. The artistic director has given 'Figuration and abstraction: research in art' as the theme of the 2014 exhibition, which will be developed in a dozen personal exhibitions and a couple of group exhibitions. Master Talani represents narrative and poetic figuration, chosen for his language, which is widespread and shared internationally. After the exhibition on the centenary of Walter Lazzaro's birth, Piazza Duomo will be the setting for the works of a master who has taken his art from Miami to Berlin, with hundreds of successful and internationally prestigious exhibitions to his credit, who has won numerous prizes and had important recognitions such as, in 2013, the Torre di Castruccio national prize in Carrara received in the past by John Paul II and Nelson Mandela and by artists such as Giò Pomodoro. The decision to bring the theme of "souls" by the maestro and the artistic director is intended to go in the direction of creating an event that relates a more difficult and intimate theme and painting than "departures" precisely in an enchanted place like Spoleto. A personal exhibition, therefore, that promises to be particularly refined and with delicate content. . The event will be curated by Giammarco Puntelli and will be attended by the President of Spoleto Festival Art Professor Luca Filipponi. It will remain at the Goldsmiths' Hall until Thursday 18 September, opening times 10-12.30 and 16-19 (closed Monday).

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