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Giampaolo Talani
Inauguration 17 July 2014 at 18:00
17 July - 14 September 2014
Il Salotto Art Gallery, via Gramsci 11, Fiesole

Oils, fresco tears and panels by master Giampaolo Talani in Fiesole for the 'Poesis' exhibition, curated by art historian and presenter of the TV programme Art Connections, Ilaria Magni, and organised by IAC, International Art Connections, an association for the promotion of art and artists in Italy and abroad, and by Arte in Toscana, in collaboration with the Enrico Paoli Art Gallery.
The pictorial and poetic universe, in some ways arcane and impenetrable, of the master is evoked in a selection of works that transport us to what in the collective imagination involves the sense of belonging to our country's history, values and customs. Talani, with his typical stylistic code and that figuration that breaks up into an informal horizon, is the painter who embodies par excellence the ideal of tradition, and his themes are those that are kept like a precious casket inside each of us: the bond with the sea, the feeling of the sailor, that consequent yearning feeling of nostalgia (from the Greek nostos 'return' and algos 'pain') evoked by the inevitability of detachment, departure, a farewell, or a new beginning.
A painter (first and foremost, as he himself emphasises) and figurative sculptor, his works are like poems (hence the title poesis 'poetry' in Latin, with Greek origin in the verb poieinwhich means 'to invent, to compose, to produce, to make') and recount the life, the great themes that have always inspired poets, writers, painters and musicians in Italic lands. The meaning of poetry, in its etymological root, has a strong reference to 'creating', poesisis the work of the hands, in a real and figurative sense.
The worldview and artistic expression of Giampaolo Talani's work speaks to his contemporaries with a timeless message, with the same spring-like intensity with which the Etruscan remains spoke to the men who, in that remote past, inhabited what is now the hill of Fiesole. Talani's 'poetic' painting dialogues with the world, as a manifestation of the desire for communication of being beyond the space and time of history.

The exhibition will be open until 14 September 2014 from Thursday to Sunday from 4.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. or by appointment. Free admission.

Infoline: +39 3484013707

Press Arte in Toscana, via Piero della Francesca 2, Prato (PO), tel. +39 3484013707