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ROSA DEI VENTI, Venice, Santa Lucia

VENICE, Santa Lucia train station
11 May at 12.00 noon 'ROSA DEI VENTI' is born

On Sunday 11 May at 12 noon, Senator Riccardo Nencini, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, will inaugurate the bronze sculpture ROSA DEI VENTI by Maestro Giampaolo Talani at Venezia Santa Lucia railway station.
This is the work that in 2008, exhibited at the behest of the competent Sovrintendenza under the loggia of the Uffizi, met with great approval, and for this reason it has now been chosen for the Venice station. There is all the iconography of Talani, a true poet of the journey already recounted in an epic dimension in the grandiose fresco PARTENZE conceived for the Santa Maria Novella station in Florence.