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Talani's Piaggio Vespa

The Piaggio Vespa interpreted by Giampaolo Talani

On 29 March 75 years ago, Piaggio introduced the Vespa to the market.

On the anniversary of this anniversary, we would like to recall Maestro Talani's interpretation of this mobility icon.

The Talani Vespa can still be seen today in the extraordinary collection of the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera.

This area of the Museum celebrates the link between Vespa and art. A relationship of which the Piaggio Foundation is an essential part: many of the artist's Vespa models on display are the result of the Foundation's commitment to promoting and hosting contemporary art exhibitions.

The exhibition dedicated to Giampaolo Talani took place in July 2012. In the same year, Pontedera students were able to attend the Bottega Talani. Un viaggio nell'affresco: a workshop personally desired and run by the master to teach high school students the fresco technique.

The Talani Vespa has been on display at the Piaggio Museum since 2012.
A second one was commissioned by the Region of Tuscany for its art collections and is located in the Region's headquarters in Florence.