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We are proud to announce that the Talani calendar is back!

For admirers of the master, it is an opportunity to live with the art and poetry of the Tuscan artist every day of the year.

From the beginning of November, the new 2022 calendar dedicated to the master Giampaolo Talani will be available in the best bookshops and stationers as well as on Amazon.

Use: to hang
Size: 30×30 cm
Pages: 12 plates with separate date stamp
Language: 6 languages

A useful thought to keep for oneself or give as a gift.

If you like, send us a photo with Giampaolo Talani's 2022 calendar as the subject, complete with your name, where you found it and, if you like, a thought of your own.
All photos you send us will be republished on our channels!

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