YEAR: 2016

A number of different literary adaptations of the Adventures of Pinocchio have been edited over the years by a number of distinguished writers who tried to make this classic story in their own way. And in his own painting style, Talani too tried to recast the story of a puppet who longs to be human.

He then created 31 illustrations that lead the reader into the adventurous though sometimes tragic journey of the protagonist, keeping a lightly amusing tone throughout. In Talani’s higly accurate illustrated edition of this classic children’s novel, Pinocchio, and many characters from the story, display extremely human and concrete character traits. Pinocchio has remained a classic in children’s literature, rich with descriptions and metaphors which directly talk to children. But Talani reimagined the story as a poetic modern rendition of an up-to-date fairytale for young and old.

In this respect, Talani has proved to be an extraordinary storyteller in painting. He has never sacrificed the emotional force of Collodi’s Adventures by subordinating them to his pictures. Indeed, Talani has made every effort to keep the language as it was in the 19th century, in accordance with the Fondazione Collodi. And even today, Pinocchio in its various guises continues to be read by adults and children alike.