YEAR: 2016

Bronze, 2,5 metres /98,42 inches.

Giampaolo Talani then produced a bronze statue, “Fiorenza” (Fiorenza), conceived both as a tribute and a thank-you to Florence, the city where he pursued art studies and whose influence was essential for his identity, both as an artist and as an individual.
Placing its works in public spaces, usually outside and accessible to all, Talani is said to have given new energy to the so-called “Public Art”. Fiorenza – as well as the fresco “Partenze” (Departures) and several other works by him – belongs to this genre. Fiorenza, therefore, far from competing with the masterpieces of past eras, was offered as a personal contribution to the artistic heritage of this city.

Talani committed himself to Florence, whose name derives from latin Florentia, a feminine proper name, although it has historically been associated with the male.
Fiorenza is a female whose presence is constant and eternal, mysterious and maternal. She is at once a flourishing woman whose sorrowful gaze looks backwards to a glorious past, but who can still look ahead to a future of hope and prosperity.
Fiorenza is thus a tribute to Florence and to all women. Since February 1, 2017 Fiorenza has been displayed at the centre of San Jacopino square in Florence.